JULIANACHOW.COM is a go-to fashion and lifestyle blog for girls and young career women in search for inspiration and tips on how to get the life that you have always wanted!

After re-launching in June 2015, the site is fast-growing, building its audience, voice and community every day. The blog offers coverage of:

  • Emerging fashion trends and styling tips
  • Beauty tips and tricks for women who do not feel like spending forever in front of the mirror
  • Travel experiences and dreams for wanderlust souls
  • Lifestyle posts on how to easily live healthy, gain the relaxed and stress-free life that you have always dreamed of and finding the creative career path that fits you

The blog is specifically written for girls and young women who love style, healthy living (but are in the need of how-to guides) and are in need of motivation on a day to day basis.

So, if you are in need of inspiration on how you can improve your daily routine, either fashion or lifestyle-wise, you will feel right at home! The blog features Juliana’s personal opinions, travel experiences and stories about following her ambitious goals.


Juliana started blogging many years ago, as her dream was traveling the world and becoming a world-known journalist. Flash forward to today, she is a freelance journalist with experience at CNN International, Aller Media and Career Girl Daily. She recently finished her study of International Business and knows plenty about marketing and other nerdy business topics.

In August 2015, she officially became an entrepreneur starting her own Etsy shop that offers unique handmade Italian jewelry. With that being said, she loves blogging, sharing tips with her readers and growing a community of like-minded fashionistas and dreamers!

Juliana has a mixed ethnicity of Danish, Chinese, Italian and a bit of Norwegian and Polish, which has through the time just led her wanting to explore the world even more.

Currently placed in Copenhagen, Denmark, she has a wild passion for social media, healthy ways of living and science fiction novels at its best.


There is a lot more to tell, so do make sure to follow the blog and add Juliana to your Instagram feed!

  • I would love to know how you do it! I started arnoud the same time, and I am no where near your stats! I would love to hear about your process – maybe a new post?Thanks!Ginnywww.moderncommonplacebook.com

    • Thanks! I have a hard time finding the balance between blogging, school and social life but I am slowly getting there! I don’t have the amount of activity on my blog yet to do so, and there is so much to do, but I promise I’ll make a blog post on it in the future (: xx

  • Dexter

    That is a hell of a camera you got there… 5d mark 2 well dont’ know which len ur using… At first glampse I knew your something special… a model… but anyway, ur cool

  • It was so nice to ready a little more about you. Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

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