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Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review and Swatches


IMG_8321When Urban Decay launched the Vice 2 palette, the beauty world of the Internet went crazy. I saw excitement and recommendations of this palette on YouTube, Instagram and basically anywhere. Within a few days I knew I just had to have it. I eagerly went to Sephora when the assistant told me the palette would first come out in Denmark Winter 2014 (WHAT the @*!?#!). She was just as frustrated as I was. So I went home and started researching on my own of to where I could get a hold of this palette, when I came across a UK online beauty shop called It is possibly very popular and has existed for ages, but this was the first time I visited the site. The prices are fairly cheaper than in Denmark which is nice! They also have some great sales for the holidays and I got discounts on a lot of my products, including the Vice 2 palette.IMG_8349

You can simply push a button and the lid will slide open to reveal a huge mirror and 16 beautiful eyeshadow colors. The palette itself is made of plastic and is very light-weight. I think the palette is just as gorgeous inside as outside: the purple packaging is amazing not to mention the crystal-like Urban Decay logo in the front.

My general impression of this palette is that it is very versatile. There is such a great variety of different looks you can create by using these shades: anything from neutral to bright colorful eye makeup looks. I think the colors of the palette can suit almost anyone. If you like me mostly go for a brown smokey or neutral eye makeup because it works for any occasion, this palette is perfect to try out looks you wouldn’t normally wear.IMG_8329_Fotor

I have preferably used Smokeout and Lovesick for smokey eyes. These two together with Shellshock is especially good for a night out. I haven’t worn these to pink shades yet, since I would mostly wear pink eye makeup in the Spring and Summer time yet I love the unique X-rated matt color that does not match up with anything I have owned before.IMG_8335_FotorPrank and Madness are surprisingly two of my favorite colors from the palette. They are two very unique colors and again not like anything I’ve ever seen or thought of wearing before. With my greenish brown eyes I’d never have thought blue eyeshadow would suit me, but together with Bootycall (Naked 2) and Dope, this gives a different yet beautiful smokey eye makeup look that would actually accommodate any eye color. The golden Strike color is going to be great for the holiday season and suit especially those with a warm undertone. Just like the two darker shades above, the eyeshadows Stash and Poison are going to make any smokey eye looks stand out.

IMG_8339_FotorI especially like the shade Damaged because it reminds me of the color of a Christmas tree. Its metallic glittery texture glides on very easily. Also the metallic purple Betrayal goes fantastic together with Voodoo, which is a dark plum color with purple sparkles in it.

IMG_8343_FotorThese are the lighter and more neutral colors of the palette. Dope reminds me a lot of Bootycall from the Naked 2 palette, yet I believe Dope a bit more pinkish. I still love this kind of light pink and I wear it mostly every day just because it blends and work together with so many different eye shadow looks. The color Toxic would accommodate blonds and girls with blue eyes perfectly. I don’t think it would suit me though but we’ll have to see. Habit has a very interesting creamy texture! It’s great to use as a base or a no-makeup-makeup look. Rewinds is a matt brown shade good for blending and very similar to Tease from the Naked 2 palette.

I think the palette would be a great Christmas gift for someone who loves makeup, or to treat yourself with (Who says you can’t treat yourself with a Holiday present?). It has definitely been fun for me to play around with and try out daring new looks I wouldn’t have worn before. The next palette on my wish-list is the new Naked palette. Just as I received the Vice 2 palette everyone started ranting about the Naked 3 palette (Argh!). Urban Decay never stop, do they? Ha ha. Hope you have a great weekend!


I Heart: Wine Colored Lips

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 21.12.07

How was your Halloween? I have to wait until next weekend to dress up and party unfortunately, and I am still trying to find a costume. Let me know what you were dressed up like!

Now my current makeup obsession for Fall must be the wine colored lips. They’re bold and more dramatic than the normal red lips, don’t you think? Take a look!

I have spotted this beauty trend at fashion shows and on the red carpet which makes me certain this is a trend for Fall! I can also see how it would fit perfectly for Christmas and the holidays. Just imagine wearing a big chunky knit scarf, your favorite Fall jacket and a cappuccino in your hand paired with these lips. Perfect combination! IMG_8319

Here are my favorite wine colored lip products!

  • Lancome Juicy Tubes: I have been having this for so long, I can’t even remember! And as you see it is almost used up anyway, but I found that it works great as a gloss over a bold wine colored lipstick.
  • Essence Gel Tint – Pink Exposed: This product is great if you want to go for a rather natural look. It gives off just a little amount of color for an everyday look. Plus it’s a tint so you can use this on your cheeks as well!
  • Sephora Lipstick – Rouge Shine: This lipstick is a purplish color with lots of sparkles. It reminds me of New Years Eve! It would be great for a night out.
  • Max Factor – 690 Aubergine: I recently bought this lipstick and it is the perfect color if you are going for wine-colored lips. It’s a dark red color with a small amount of red sparkles (I don’t prefer to go completely matte).

As soon as you get used to it, bold wine-colored lips are actually fun to wear on a daily basis. You just have to get out of your comfort zone AKA boring bare lips! Try it out. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Credit: Miranda KerrKate BosworthTotalBeauty


My Skincare Routine


I have tried many skin care product through the years, but I found that I love this so much that I have to share it with you! So here is my day and night skin care routine. I have been following this routine for four months now and it works great for my skin. Of course everyone’s skin type is different so I would recommend these products for normal to combination skin. After removing my eye makeup with Ganier Simply Essentials eye makeup remover (I am trying out new eye makeup removers all the time. I never really stick to the same) I follow these steps:

  1. Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser I use this to cleanse off my face makeup. I love that it comes out in foam and it feels very light on the skin. There’s also a lot of natural extracts in the cleaner such as grapefruit and orange which are suppose to brighten up the skin.
  2. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum I use this serum in my night skin care routine and first of all: it smells amazing! It gives a wonderful aroma at night time when I am ready to doze off. It’s oil free and in the description says the serum is “like a daily vitamin for your face” because it’s filled with vitamins and nutritious things for your face.
  3. Olay Beauty Fluid This, THIS moisturizer is my all-time-hands-down favorite moisturizer. Ever. I have used this moisturizer in years, and I swear by it. It is that good. It’s amazing because I can use it all year around. It has a light texture that can be layered, so I use more in Fall and Winter where my skin tends to get dryer, and put on less in the Summer. I use this both as day and night cream. And if I want baby soft and refreshed skin in the morning I layer on more moisturizer right before I go to sleep. When the description says “non-greasy” they really mean it: This has never given me any break-outs!
  4. Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel In my night routine I like to put this under my eyes before I head off to bed. I really like the cooling texture and it is suppose to lift and relax your eye area. That means great for stressful school weeks. Yay!
  5. EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm (Pomegranate Raspberry) In the morning as well as before I sleep, I like to moisturize my lips. It is especially important to protect your lips from the cold weather and keep them soft.

I hope you enjoyed reading. I recommend all of these products, so definitely go and try them out! Let me know what you think!

I Heart: Neon Christian Louboutin Look-A-Like Stilettos


I had time to some online shopping and my most reason fashion steal is from at their midseason sale. I had been eyeing these neon heels, and wondered if they were too bold for me yet I ended up buying them on sale for only $27.50! I have quite a few neon pieces in my closet and I feel it’s an ongoing trend for Fall and Winter.

This is a great pair of heels to style up any casual outfit. I love the way the heels look with jeans. I posted an outfit video on my Instagram where you can see how I styled them. I paired them with dark jeans, a white muscle tee and my favorite earrings. You can really wear the most basic pieces and still look fashionable with some bold heels like these together with statement jewelries. Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 22.26.59

Christian Louboutin Unbout Illusion Red Sole Pump $795

What I later found out is that the stilettos I purchased are very similar to these Christian Louboutin heels. When I did some research I saw that these are actually very popular e.g. Kim Kardashian owns them and Emma Stone has a pair in black.

tumblr_m4jt9bJ2TC1qfcqfoo1_1280Tumblr photo

Now I am even more excited about styling my newest fashion steal! Though it’s cold here in Copenhagen and I may have to save these until next summer, I definitely think neon will still be on trend by that time. Neon never really goes out of style in a way. Bright and bold colors always gets collaborated into the styles somehow. Have you noticed?

Let me know what you think!


Fall’s Makeup Favorites

Fall is here! When I think of Fall I think of Halloween, lots of good TV series and yellow and orange leafs falling off the trees. Are you excited yet? I know I am. Here are my makeup favorites for Fall!


My first Fall favorite is the Naked2 eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. I have been wanting to get a hold of one of these for the longest time, and each time I decided to purchase one, if was sold out at Sephora. Then finally I bought this palette at an airport this summer and even for a discounted price (yay!). My favorite eyeshadow is Bootycall (3rd from the left) – it’s perfect for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, brow bone and I even use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones sometimes. As you can hear, I am all about that shade. My second favorite is Snakebite (6th from the left) which I happen to use on a daily basis without even thinking much about it. It is a great eyeshadow for blending and insinuating a more defined crease.

Even though I love the Naked2 palette I find that there are some colors missing for my daily use of eyeshadow. I love using this NYC palette in my routine because it holds perfect colors that works for both day and night looks. This is called the Union Square palette (938) for brown eyes. It was actually pretty random that I came across this eyeshadow palette. I was on a two-days trip to Dublin and I desperately needed an eyeshadow palette, when I grabbed this one since it was cheap and looked wearable. Never had I thought it would become on of my favorite eyeshadow palettes!

It contains four shades; one white neutral base color, two brown ones and a deep purple shade, as well as a highlighter and concealer in the side. As you see these three colors go fantastic together by themselves though I am most addicted to the deep purple shade that looks amazing with both Bootycall or Half Baked (gold shade) from the Naked2 palette, depending on the mode and occasion.
IMG_8255Browsing through a catalog on a plane trip this summer I couldn’t resist buying this Benefit kit since it fitted so perfectly with the theme “She’s so… Jetset”. And I am so glad I did because it is absolutely adorable!IMG_8354

I love the earthy eyeshadow colors and the scented blush perfect for a “no-makeup makeup” look. I have tried the full-size mascara They’re Real before and I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but at the moment I really like layer it on top of my Lancome mascara. It gives my lashes a more voluminous feel to them. The palette also comes with a Ultra Shine lipgloss that smells like bubblegum. Yum. I haven’t tried the Porefessional yet but I should probably give it a try.
IMG_8262These are three products I love carrying in my purse. Now that it is getting colder I either have my Carmex lip balm that I bought in Dublin or my EOS lip balm (in Summer Fruit) on me. They’re both great for dry lips and cold weather. I also like to carry a hand creme with me on colder days, and this is my all time favorite! It’s by Alterra bought in Germany in a beauty chain called Rossman. It has the perfect size for carrying in your purse, smells amazing and is good for both hand and nails. My bad German tells me it’s with Vitamin E and shea butter.

What do you think of my favorites?


Vanity & Decorative Wall


Lately I’ve put a lot of time into re-arranging and decorating my room. It really makes sense to me now why I should be putting a lot of time into decorating my room as I want because it is the space I am spending a lot of my time in. And your room should be a place where you feel happy and get inspired to do what you love! Now, I am nowhere near done with my bedroom nor my walk-in closet since I also expanded my closet with an extra room, but I thought I would share some of the changes that are done for now.

I have always wanted a vanity in my room to store my makeup. I finally got the vanity I had always dreamed of by my parent as a birthday gift. And with a few challenges, in the end I fitted all of my makeup into the four drawers!


Before my wall was white and dull so I went to IKEA and bought some different frames to put up. The wall is across my bed, so my idea was to put up inspirational quotes that I would look at each morning. I went through my Pinterest board and these were my favorites! I am planning on doing the same thing in my walk-in closet just with inspirational fashion quotes. A future project of mine along with many others!

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 19.13.19

If you are in need of inspiration check out my Pinterest! I love finding cute quotes, fashion inspiration, healthy recipes as well as decor stuff!

What’s In My School Bag?

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 23.46.58School takes up much of my time, and I thought I would share a few ideas on how to make your school life a bit more pink, happy and organized. I bought my school bag at Accessorize and I love the pattern that goes with any outfit! I used to carry a shoulder bag for school but I realized my computer is too heavy for that and I would end up hurting my back. I am so glad I decided to buy a rucksack instead. Now it is much more manageable to walk to school!


Here is what is in my school bag:

  • Pencil case from Tally Weijl: I bought it a few years back yet it is still in an excellent condition. It mainly contains pens and lots of lip glosses.
  • A Yves Saint Laurent lipstick I had been eyeing for way too long!
  • Hand sanitizer with sparkles in it!
  • My agenda I love to death
  • Keychain with a bear tape measure and souvenirs from this summer in Italy and Malta.
  • Folder for school papers: This is a great way to become more organize your papers in school. With small post-it stickers you can even sort the papers by subjects.
  • Macbook Pro 13″


At my school it is very important that we bring our computers to school every day and since my school offers all of the students the same type of computer, I thought it would stand out more if I decorated it with a sticker. I bought this full-cover sticker at eBay for $ 25, and it works great! It protects the computer against scratches as well as turning my computer into this amazing artwork in lots of colors matching the school bag. The best part is that the sticker won’t leave any sticky residue if you decide to take it off.



Keeping an agenda has become such an important thing for me. First of all it makes you happier because you can schedule all your plans and you don’t have to stress as much about things. And second of all it is fun to look back at; it’s a impersonal diary in a way. I bought this agenda this summer in Italy by a brand named PIP Studio. It is probably the most decorative agenda you can find on the market and I am so happy about it! There colors and theme changes by each month and the overall look of the book closed is just gorgeous. Having a pretty agenda makes me want to use it and write in it more often than a usual or digital agenda (especially with colored glitter pens).

These were some of my things that makes my everyday school life happier and way more organized than before. In my opinion it is important to be cheerful each time you look at items that you surround yourself with each day. And it you can’t find what you are looking for – make it yourself! Decorate your notebook with drawings and write inspirational quotes that makes you happy. Surround yourself with all the beautiful things in life!

Pleats And Leather

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 22.26.12Fall is here! The leaves are beginning to turn yellow and orange and all I feel like doing is curl up in my sofa with a cup of tea and a great movie. I am in the middle of watching the movie Safe Haven, but this past week has been so busy that I haven’t got around to finish it. And even though the movie is settle in the summer, along beaches and beautiful weather it’s still one of Nicholas Spark’s masterpieces. Have you read any of his books? Add me on Goodreads, by the way so we can discuss books together!

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 22.53.39

Dress from Forever21, H&M belt, leather pleated skirt from H&M

This is the outfit I wore today. Simply yet stylish is what I went for. I have owned this pleated leather skirt for about a year now and it is still one of my favorite skirts. It’s a more daring piece that can really spice up any simple tee. The top is actually a dress I simply tucked underneath the belt, and voilà, it’s a muscle tee, my dear!

IMG_8201I really dig these boots! They are perfect for fall – small heel, comfy and all.

Like the outfit? Happy Fall, y’all!


Maxi Me Up

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 21.58.31

Maxi skirts are my current favorite thing to wear! Here’s a look from the summer that’s fun and colorful. I tried to make the outfit look as polished as possible, by adding a hot pink belt and earrings that matches the top. It’s a great way to make an outfit stand out more complete.
Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 21.59.43

I love maxi skirts with slits in the sides. It doesn’t close you up too much and you can still show legs! Mine have slits in both sides; fun yet classy. You can totally DIY a regular maxi skirt into something like this!


Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 22.00.09

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 22.00.39

Claire’s feather earring, H&M sequin top, TOPSHOP belt, Zebra maxi skirt (bought in Italy)


A big ‘thank you’ to a special someone for shooting these photos!

What do you think of my look?


Small Girl In A New World

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 17.12.48

I am very excited to introduce my blog I have been putting a lot of energy in for the past week. I have tried to post a couple of blog post before, yet I have never really been sure if it was my thing and if it was something that I wanted to go 100 % in on. Well a lot have changed since then.

I am taking this chance and focus all of spare time on getting this blog to function. Let’s see where it will go from here!

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 17.31.04

As a start-up, here is a couple of shots from my vacation to Malta this summer. I totally dig the H&M ombre top I wore. Reminds me of…. Either the sunset or a Tequila Sunrise – Ha ha!

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 17.41.35

How I miss summer already! Oh well. Now it is time for Fall which is going to be just as  exciting! I am thinking big scarfs, ankle boots and dark red colored lips.

Who is excited?

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